Monday, 30 November 2015

Sydney Adventures With A Surprise Twist

So at the start of this month Andrew & myself headed off to Sydney for a long weekend for a bit of R&R + Celebrating 5 Years of being together.
The plan for the trip was to relax as much as we could while eating delicious food & drinking amazing coffee. Not to mention sleeping in a mega comfy hotel bed.

We had the Red Eye which meant that we would be flying out at around 11.00pm Perth time & arriving in Sydney at 5.00am which means we wouldn't be getting a decent nights sleep. But somehow on a full flight we managed to have the only row with no one sitting next to us which meant we could spread out a little more & get a small uncomfy amount of sleep before arriving.
The bonus of arriving so early in the morning also meant i got to see a pretty amazing sunrise view from our window.

Once we got to our hotel & dropped our luggage off we had a short while to fill in before we could check into our room & have a small power nap. 
So we headed off in search of coffee in the dreary Sydney rain.
It wasn't long before we stumbled across this small coffee place called Skittle Lane Coffee and if im being honest it may of been 1 of the best cups of coffee i have had in my life. 

Amazing Coffee & Pastries

The Wet Weather Sydney Morning View

Once our tummy's were full we decided to head back to the hotel & have a lazy day full of naps, room service & utilized the outdoor pool & spa..........ahhhhh just what we needed.

Once we woke up & checked the weather (because conveniently the weekend we chose to go to Sydney there was supposed to be constant showers & thunderstorms) we figured out that the best time to head down & check out Bondi Beach was going to be now otherwise we may never get a break in the weather. So we hopped on the bus & headed to the coast.
Once we arrived we enjoyed a lovely little breakfast & some coffee & decided to go for a stroll.
Bondi Ice Bergs

The Bondi View

It was then at this point after taking many photos that i turned around & noticed that Andrew was sitting down on a wall admiring the view so i walked over to sit next to him thinking he was tired and needed a rest. From this point neither of us can really remember what was actually said, i just remember Andrew turning towards me and saying to me 'Will You Marry Me' and pulled out a pretty sparkly ring. Yes that's right boys & girls. We got engaged on the beach at Bondi & we could not be happier!!  I'm still in shock a month later.

To give you more of a back story as to why this day was so special to us - there was also Sculptures By The Sea on down along the Bondi Coast. This is a tradition that we have had ever since we have been together. Except we normally go when it arrives in Cottesloe, Perth which normally occurs around my birthday each year. So Andrew felt like this was the perfect time & day to ask me. And it really was. So for the next few hours in our loved up bliss state we continued to walk along the beautiful coast & see the art work on display. 

As you can see in this last image compared to my first few the storm really started to roll in so we decided to head back to the hotel & get ready for a celebration dinner at Jamie's Italian On Pitt Street, Which was delicious however the mood lightning didn't create the best photo quality. You will have to take my word for it......or go & try it for yourself.

For months & months i had been hearing about this amazing magical place that is called
'The Grounds Of Alexandria' & seeing so many amazing posts on Instagram that we just had to make a special trip out to this place. And let me tell you now i was not disappointed. In fact i felt like i was in some kind of fairy tale dream.

This place was everything i had pictured and more. Filled with such a great atmosphere, people, music, delicious smelling food, dogs, plants & coffee. HEAVEN!!
I never wanted to leave & needless to say i spent quite a few hours roaming around taking pictures & eating food/drinking coffee.

 You Can Also Have Your Weddings Here (IM DREAMING)

The Faces Of Contentment

So after about 2 hours or so Andrew finally dragged me away from my heavenly place & we made our way to the Taronga Zoo. Once again we had to time this well because of the rain & storm coming. Plus we were catching the fairy boat & both of us are prone to a bit of sea sickness.

Once we finally arrived it was time to do a bit of exploring in-between some light showers.
Sadly due to the bad weather not many animals seemed to be out & about. But we made the most of it.

Sunday was our last day in Sydney & the weather was still not much better. But once again the morning weather review showed that for a few hours in the morning the rain was supposed to hold off so we decided to take a train to the other side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge & walk back along it.
It was such a nice way to spend the morning & get a bit of fresh air, also if you are interested in architecture at all you can get some very cool industrial style photos along the bridge.

Once we finished our walk along the bridge we made our way to The Rocks & explored the markets & stopped for some lunch at The Argyle. Once again the food was fantastic but the lighting situation wasn't the best for photo taking. But its definitely worth a visit if you have the time & are in the area.

Angel Place Laneway - 'Forgotten Songs'

After lunch it was time to head back to the hotel & collect our things & head to the airport.
Apart from the bad luck with the weather Sydney was definitely a well spent long weekend.
And lets not forget that to top it off my favorite person in the whole wide world asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I cannot wait for our future adventures together & to share more of our stories with you.


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