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Hello & Welcome to my little blogging world!

My name is Christy (most call me Kriddy).
I'm an almost 30 gal from Perth, Western Australia, Originally from a small country town in Victoria where there is only 1 pub & 1 milk bar. I grew up on a farm for most of my childhood & in 1999 my family made the move to Western Australia where we lived in Margaret River/Busselton until I moved out of home & made my own way to Perth.

I work for a hire equipment company & get to dress up in High-Vis clothing & steel cap boots each day. While its nothing glamorous it still helps me pay the bills/save for holidays & surprisingly I really enjoy it........most days anyway.

I recently got engaged to my partner of 5 years while on a long weekend away in Sydney for our anniversary. We are slowly piecing together what kind of wedding we would like. But for the time being we are putting all our focus & money into our upcoming holiday at the end of March this year (2016). We are heading off on a 6 week adventure across the States visiting a bunch of places & we cannot wait.

We have two small fur children (Miniature Dachshunds) & live in our own little home in the Northern suburbs of Perth. Just so you can see for yourselves the cuteness I deal with everyday I have placed a picture of each of them. Don't be fooled by pretty little faces as sometimes they can be little turds. Quite often I will come home & be puzzled as to how they managed to reach something & chew it apart, they are just to smart.....also very demanding ha-ha. But none the less we love them to bits & cannot imagine our lives without their little wet noses.

I have been interested in blogging for quite sometime now and after some convincing from fellow bloggers & friends I attended a small seminar run by the Australian Writers Centre which gives you a basic outline on the blogging world.  I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get into this field but doesn't know where to really start. I feel my blogging style is a little different at the moment to most I see, as its more a mixture of topics in a Diary style form, but im sure after awhile I will find my feet/rhythm.

Anyway that's enough about me for now.
If you have any questions or would like to offer me any advice on what to do/see while we are on our American Adventure please hit me up. I'm always excited to hear from people.

Thanks for reading.

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